Hot Basalt Massage Stones – Set of 40 pcs. Natural volcanic stones

Hot stone massage - Hot Basalt Massage Stones – Set of 40 pcs. Natural volcanic stones

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Hot Basalt Massage Stones – Set of 40 pcs. Natural volcanic stones

Basalt is a volcanic stone, derived from river beds or seacoast. The volcanic stone is rich in healing elements such as magnesium and other minerals. Also It's iron-rich which allows to absorb, retain and transfer heat very well.

The hot massage stone therapy has many benefits for the health. The healing effect of the stones can calm the tension, reduce stress, relief the muscle stiffness, pain and spasms, expand the blood vessels, boost the blood circulation and stimulate the metabolism.

The heated stones are placed on key  acupressure  points of the body, and this way they promoting deep relaxation. The stones can be used also as a tool or an addition to some hand massage techniques stimulating the muscles.

The heat of the stones penetrates the skin and this way provides better blood flow. Also, the warmness allow therapists to access deep muscle layers fast and without excessive pressure. The therapy with hot stones has an energizing and balancing effect.


Hot Basalt Massage Stones – Set ot 40 pcs. Natural volcanic stones:

round, sourced directly from nature, natural shape, unpolished


8 pcs. large, flat, oval - 7- 8 cm.

16 pc. medium flat, oval - 6-7 cm.

6 pcs. small oval - 5-6 cm.

4 pcs. small areas with concentrated tension 7-8cm

4 pcs. small face 3-4cm

2 pcs. small white marble - 4 cm diameter

Made in China / PRC - People's Republic of China /


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