Wooden Massage Table – Portable NO.VA Standart DeLux NV28

Massage table - Wooden Massage Table – Portable NO.VA Standart DeLux NV28

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Wooden Massage Table – Portable NO.VA Standart DeLux NV28

High quality massage equipment NO.VA Professional 

We offer a rich choice of massage tables and cosmetic beds, varieties of colors, materials, accessories and massage stones.  

NO.VA Standart DeLux NV28 has an attractive two-color design which offers full comfort and relaxation for your clients. The massage table is equipped with many accessories and extras. NV28 is perfect choice for your salon as well as for your outdoor work. You can easily fold and transport the table wherever you want. The convinient carrying bag would make the transportation even more simply.



The massage table is fully portable – The flexible design will let you to fold, unfold and assemble the table easy and fast.

Compact size when folded – easy for storage ; the suitcase-like form of the folded table spare you a lot of space

The massage table is ergonomically designed

Light weight

Endurable - Allows you to work with heavier clients and to apply more dynamic and “heavy”techniques 


High quality materials and manufacture

*Solid wooden frame – made of strong German beech wood; specially designed legs system that gives additional stability to the construction

*PVC leatherette upholstery with high durability – easy to clean; oil-resistant;  long lasting 
*Filling: high density foam, remains in perfect form for a long time and provides maximum comfort. Allows massage techniques that requires more strength ( like sport massage, shiatsu and etc.)

*Padding thickness : 5 cm. 


*Armrests- increases the width of the table and provides a comfortable padded surface for your client's arms 
*Headrest extension with soft cushion – increases the length of the table and allows the client to lie face-down without having to press their face into the table. 
*Hole for the face – allows ergonomic body position and breathing space in laying face-down position
*Carrying Bag 


Length: 186cm.
Width: 70cm.
Height (adjustable): 62.5-87cm.
Heavy Loading Endurance: 250 kg.
Weight: 15 kg.

Made in China.
The product meets the highest standards, criteria and requirements of the European Union.


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